Meet Our Founder

Saidah Farrell is the founder of the Marshmallow of the Month Club, a popular subscription box service that delivers unique, handcrafted marshmallows and gourmet hot chocolates directly to customers' doorsteps.

After a career change and completing culinary school, Saidah dedicated herself to mastering the art of pastries. Despite the many challenges that came with the profession (including cuts, burns, and even losing a fingertip) Saidah persevered and eventually decided to start her own food-based business.

Through the ups and downs of opening and closing a mobile business turned brick and mortar bakery, Saidah discovered a passion for teaching. She found that her curriculum naturally evolved to include lessons on entrepreneurship and helping students turn their culinary talents into successful businesses.

Motivated by this experience, Saidah was inspired to rebuild her own brand. This led to the creation of the Marshmallow of the Month Club, which has quickly become a favorite among marshmallow enthusiasts.

Using the power of Cratejoy's marketplace, Saidah was able to grow her subscriber base from just five subscribers in August 2019 to an impressive 300 by July 2020 – all without any personal investment, borrowed capital, or paid advertising.  Saidah has expanded her business with the launch of her new brand, Joy Craft Cocoa. With this new venture, she is focused on bringing gourmet hot chocolate to consumers, making it easily accessible at their local grocery stores.

Saidah's artisanal marshmallows and gourmet hot chocolates have shipped worldwide, with more than 2,000 individuals and corporate clients, including renowned organizations such as the Cleveland Browns, the Own Network, and Chick-fil-A, savoring them.