What Makes Our Hot Chocolate Unique

  • Perfect balance between the two flavors...

    It takes a skilled chef to get the balance right between two delicious ingredients- chocolate and strawberry. This is a perfect balance between the two flavors. It can be made with water for anyone with a dairy restriction and still feel and taste like a real indulgence. Don't hesitate to try this flavor, it has depth, taste and is so flavorful. If this was a Bake Off show, it would get a handshake!!!!

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  • Dairy Free

    Love this! Dairy free cocoa ❤️

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  • Luscious Chocolate Flavor

    I am now a fan of their cocoa mix; my favorite of ones I’ve tried so far. The sweetness is nicely balanced by the luscious chocolate flavor. This treat is helping me navigate through winter.

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  • Trust me

    Better than your morning coffee, and all you really need in life. Trust me!

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